Suzuki Baleno name revived for new 'big Swift'

Suzuki has confirmed it’s new mid-sized hatchback will bring back the Baleno name from the firm’s past when it goes on sale next year. Dubbed by company insiders as the ‘big Swift’, the Suzuki Baleno is designed to sit above a supermini but below a full-sized family hatchback.

The B-segment model was first show as the IK-2 concept (pictured below) at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It’s designed to provide an extra dose of practicality missing from the current six-year old Swift, which is one of the smaller superminis on sale. But it won’t directly succeed the Swift itself, as an all-new supermini is expected to arrive later in 2016.

The all-new hatchback blends styling cues from the Swift and new Vitara small crossover, and is part of Suzuki’s plan to produce both a ‘rational’ and ’emotional’ model in each segment. This more versatile hatch is the rational B-segment car, whereas the next Swift will be more sporty and dynamic to fulfill the emotional side of the range.

As well as a “spacious interior and new technologies”, Suzuki has confirmed the Baleno will be the first model to receive the firm’s new 1.0-litre BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo petrol engine. It’s designed to boost both efficiency and performance over the current Swift’s 1.2 litre naturally-aspirated units.

Further details of the new Baleno will be revealed during this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and it’s tipped to go on sale during the summer of 2016.

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