Volvo 360c concept: No steering wheel, pedals, engine or human driver needed

Volvo is the latest automaker to provide a vision for the future of private automotive transport, a future where doing the driving will be optional.

Volvo’s vision comes in the form of the 360c concept, the now-familiar pod on wheels capable of operating in full self-driving mode, classified as Level 5 by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Revealed on Wednesday, the 360c is also an electric car, and it’s fully connected which helps to improve its safety as it can communicate with other vehicles on the road as well as the surrounding infrastructure.

The 360c isn’t actually capable of driving on its own at Level 5 capability. No firm is yet to reach the target and it could be a decade or more until it becomes a reality. However, concepts like the 360c are a first step toward a broad discussion about the potential for self-driving technology and how it could fundamentally change society in many ways.