Pal-V Liberty flying car debuts in Geneva, starts at $400,000

Dutch firm Pal-V is almost ready to take to the skies. The company this week unveiled its first product, a flying car called the Pal-V Liberty, at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show.

The Pal-V Liberty packs an internal combustion engine delivering 100 horsepower, which should be enough for a top speed of 100 mph on the road and 112 mph in the air.

All the while, Pal-V says the flying car will return 31 mpg while driving with a 284-mile range, and consume 6.9 gallons of fuel per hour in the air with a total range of 310 miles with a single occupant. The vehicle is designed to seat two, however.

Unlike some of the fully autonomous flying car proposals we’ve seen, which are really just drones big enough to carry a person or two, the Pal-V Liberty will require a pilot’s license to operate. That’s because it’s essentially a helicopter that you can also drive.